Testing, Testing … 1, 2, 3* (*trimesters, that is)

Positive Pregnancy Test

Testing, Testing … 1, 2, 3* (*trimesters, that is)

Pregnancy Test

O.M.Gosh.  As soon as you see those two pink lines (and possibly 6 more test sticks to confirm that those first lines really *were* pink), your mind races.  Am I allowed to eat sushi?  I didn’t start taking my prenatal vitamins until this morning!  Is it okay to keep doing crossfit?  Who is supposed to change the cat litter?  I had a glass of wine with dinner last week!  The questions and uncertainties of growing a tiny new human inside your body multiply by the day.  So many of the “unknowns” are out of our control, and yet, we still feel solely responsible for making sure this little being emerges safe, healthy and perfect.  

Wow.  No pressure, right?  

Relax, Mama.  The multitude of prenatal tests, high risk interventions and educational reassurances that are provided to you by our expert maternity team at TP4W and Triangle Midwives will surely put some Zzzzs back into your sleepless nights.  Ask your questions, voice your worries, rely on our experience.  You’ve got this (and we’ve got you)!

Expect to see us in the office pretty regularly as we encourage, support and educate you through the process, but most importantly, as we offer clinical measurement of your pregnancy’s healthy progression. In cases where additional testing or high risk intervention is needed, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that our team has access to the most modern medical resources and technology for mom and baby.  

Our closely monitored schedule of pregnancy screenings includes:  

First Visit
Routine blood count
Rubella antibodies
Pap smear
Genital cultures
Syphilis, hepatitis B, HIV** tests
Blood type and antibody screen
Sickle cell screen**
Cystic Fibrosis**
Parvovirus (causing Fifth Disease)**

First Trimester (11-13 weeks)
Nuchal translucency blood test & ultrasound for Down’s syndrome or Trisomy 18 risk
Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)**

Second Trimester (14-28 weeks)
15-21 weeks: AFP and Quad Screen**
15-20 weeks: amniocentesis**
18-22 weeks: complete OB ultrasound (the Big Gender Reveal**)
24-28 weeks: diabetes, anemia screen

Third Trimester
35-36 weeks: beta strep 

And when it comes time for the Big Day, TP4W and Triangle Midwives’ deliveries all take place at WakeMed Cary hospital, where our ObGyn physicians can be immediately available for high-risk complications that may arise.  No waiting to be introduced to the hospital’s doctor-on-call that day.  No poking and prodding from unfamiliar faces.  No confusing medical jargon that leaves you feeling like a bystander during (what can seem like) a scary, fast-moving whirlwind.  Just midwives and doctors who have stayed intimately familiar with your unique pregnancy for the past 9 months. 

Women choose midwife-led care during pregnancy for many individual reasons, but the most common preference usually points back to midwifery being the lowest-intervention, most natural way of bringing a baby into the world.  But “low-intervention” and “natural” need not translate into lack of testing, monitoring or preparation.  At TP4W and Triangle Midwives, we’re proud to offer this centuries-old method of patient-centered, natural care, combined with the on-site safety, security and high-risk obstetrical care of our TP4W OB/Gyns.  What’s more, we’ve been nationally recognized as a Patient-Centered Specialty Practice, so when we say “you’re in good hands”, you can rest assured that we mean it, no matter your level of preferred or necessary intervention.  Truly, our practice offers you the Best of Both Worlds

Want to learn more?  Come say hello at our next Meet & Greet, February 21 (and every subsequent 2nd Tuesday of the month), from 6-7pm at Triangle Physicians for Women, 600 New Waverly Place; Suite 310 in Cary.