Certified Nurse Midwifery + Modern Physician Assurance

Holistic Medicine Definition, Certified Nurse Midwifery

Certified Nurse Midwifery + Modern Physician Assurance

What is Holistic Women’s Care?

By definition, our team here at TP4W and Triangle Midwives IS holistic. Nowhere else in the Triangle will you find authentic midwifery practices and philosophies, combined so beautifully with the modern science of well-woman care.  Our belief is that many different factors – mental, social, environmental, emotional – play a role in our feelings of physical comfort and (conversely) discomfort.  Both are heightened with the right recipe of emotion and environment, good or bad.  Therefore, why wouldn’t we treat our patients as an intimately interconnected whole?    

Treating the big picture of women’s health as a symbiotic blend of discerning, modern, high tech medicine, alongside centuries-old, natural, holistic practices of midwifery, creates the optimal environment for comfort, relaxation and peace of mind, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Finding comfort when you’ve never been more uncomfortable

As women, there is typically one phase of our lives in which the need to be treated with cooperative, holistic care is most evident: pregnancy. These 9 months of growing a new human being are shaped – positively or negatively – by many different factors, certainly not just physiological. For this reason, treating a woman beyond her physical symptoms during this time produces healthier, happier, more comfortable moms
and babies.   

In theory, this holistic philosophy of medical care makes perfect sense, and lots of different women’s care centers claim to treat the “whole woman”. But in practice, it’s not quite possible for the natural, low-intervention midwiferies to actually offer the same medical peace of mind that TP4W and Midwifery’s in-house, closely-attuned-throughout-your-entire-pregnancy medical doctors and midwives can provide. When considering practices for your pregnancy and beyond, we welcome your tough questions (and encourage you to ask these of all potential providers you interview):


  • What if I experience an unexpected twist during my delivery or in my overall health?   
  • What if my needs exceed the comfort provided in a non-hospital setting?  Who specifically will be treating me, and what will the timeline of that situation look like?
  • How much in-depth knowledge of my unique case will the emergency physician at the associated medical center have if I need to be admitted?  


These next nine months can present plenty of instances where you have doubts and questions, and the holistic care model at Triangle Midwives has been thoughtfully designed with the goal of allaying those physical, emotional (and sometimes unfounded!) fears.  You’ll probably never need the emergency medical care that our physician team would be called in for, but if you do, what a difference it makes, knowing your expert, trusted team at Triangle Midwives has everything under control.  Comfort when you need it most. 

No matter what stage of your life you come to us: your teenager’s first gynecological visit, a newlywed’s early pregnancy, a career woman’s pre-menopausal symptoms, or a grandmother’s annual well-check, at Triangle Physicians for Women & Midwifery, we treat all patients with the same holistic level of “whole woman care”.  Truly, the best of both worlds, with the peace of mind to back it up.