Safe and Sound with Triangle Midwives

Safe and Sound with Triangle Midwives

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When we say “Best of Both Worlds,” just what does that mean?  


To us at Triangle Midwives and Triangle Physicians for Women, it means experiencing the warm, compassionate, 24/7, low-intervention, holistic care of our Certified Nurse Midwives … all within the safe, Level II Special Care labor & delivery environment at WakeMed Women’s Pavilion & Birthplace in Cary.


A lot of women embrace the concept of having midwives as partners in their birth plans, and the intimate level of attention is a treasured differentiator. But what holds some women back from fully committing to a midwifery team for obstetrical care is often the question, “what if an unplanned situation requires off-site medical care? What backup do we have if something goes wrong?”


Triangle Midwives, the sister practice of Triangle Physicians for Women, reassuringly offers these midwifery services in a safe, nurturing environment where highly-engaged physicians and hospital-supervised deliveries are the norm. Where an entire team of Certified Nurse Midwives, on-site Obstetricians, and staff personnel know your name, know the intricacies of your unique health history, and are there to support you every step of the way, regardless of the “what ifs.” Your innate mothering instincts + our medical expertise will clear the way for the very best experience, from start to finish.


How can we make this claim? Because we’ve been incorporating the best combination of midwife + physician methodologies for more than 20 years. The overwhelming response from our patients during this time has caused our practice to grow from one to seven midwives on staff. It’s a track record we’re proud of, and one that definitely makes us different from the rest.

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Sara Dowd | Triangle Midwives CNM

Inside these four walls, you’ll find a family-centered community of care providers whose mission is to surround you with private, specialized services in an environment as comfortable as your own home.  Childbirth classes, lactation consultants, Level II Nursery facilities – Wake Med’s offerings are a natural extension of the holistic, high-quality, highly-responsive philosophies that Triangle Midwives adheres to, as well.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our patient, Emily’s, recent delivery experience with Triangle Midwives’ CNM, Sara Dowd, at WakeMed Cary:

“I just wanted to take a minute to tell your office about my experience with Sara. I had a pretty long and hard pre-labor. I went to the hospital on June 17th about 8 am, right when Sara was starting her 24-hour shift. I was in pain and had been having contractions since 7 pm the night before. I wasn’t dilated enough to stay, so Sara had to send me home. I was mortified to be sent home but Sara was so sweet and reassuring. She never made me feel bad for coming in early. She was extremely sympathetic and had a great bedside manner.

I came back about 5 pm that night and still wasn’t dilated enough to stay (once again, I was mortified and embarrassed, but Sara made me feel like it wasn’t my fault and that I wasn’t alone). I was extremely sleep deprived and emotional, so Sara let me stay a couple hours so I could get some sleep.

When she came back to check me later, I was dilated enough to stay (thank you!). Then right before she left for the day, at 8 am on Sunday, she came back again to check me, and I was ready to push. Sara stayed with me at least 3 hours past her shift. It was so special to my husband and I. She was amazing and helped guide me on how to push. She even got my husband to hold my leg and cut the cord, which is something he will always cherish, even though he thought he would never be able to do that. She never rushed me and stayed long enough to deliver the placenta and stitch me up. I am so grateful for Sara. She even came to check on me the day I left.  

She deserves some recognition for going above and beyond for her patients. She is an excellent midwife and if I ever have another baby I will want her to deliver for me again! My husband and I had a lot of fun with Sara and the whole WakeMed team; they all made us feel extremely comfortable and we couldn’t have asked for better service.”

Sara Dowd | CNM Triangle MidwivesSara Dowd | CNM












Please reach out to us anytime to coordinate a tour of the labor and delivery facilities at WakeMed Cary, or to ask questions about what to expect with the “best of both worlds” from Triangle Midwives & TP4W.  

Then be sure to come back and share your family’s success story with us!