Mary Charles Sutphin CNM

Mary Charles Sutphin

Certified Nurse Midwife


Mary Charles Sutphin


Mary Charles Sutphin has over 30 years experience as a nurse-midwife; 25 years in the Raleigh area. She was one of the first nurse-midwives to be licensed in the state of West Virginia.


She received her Master’s Degree in Maternity Nursing and Midwifery Certificate in 1973 from Columbia University in New York City. She says that “midwifery is in my soul” and “it is who I am”. Nurse-midwives delivered both of her adult children and Mary Charles delivered both of her grandchildren.


In addition to midwifery, Mary Charles is on the faculty at UNC School of Nursing at UNC-Chapel Hill. She has also taught maternity nursing at Duke School of Nursing. Mary Charles is an advocate for The Hallmarks of Midwifery, birth as a normal physiologic process and advocacy of non-intervention.