Throughout your pregnancy, our Certified Nurse Midwives will be available to see you for your office visits.  We work in collaboration with our MDs and Nurse Practitioner to provide you safe and supportive care that best addresses your individual needs.  Routine prenatal care in our office consists of approximately 14 prenatal visits, which are described below:


Initial Ultrasound for dating and confirmation

When you initially call our office to begin your prenatal care, we will schedule you for an ultrasound appointment with one of our providers or sonographers to confirm the dating and viability of the pregnancy.  We usually try to schedule this appointment between 7 – 8 weeks of pregnancy.  After this visit we will schedule your return visits, as appropriate.


Initial OB Visit

New to the Nurse Visit – At your first visit you will first meet with our wonderful Registered Nurse, Lucy Boylan, who will orient you to our practice, review your past medical history, and discuss any current concerns that you are having.  She will provide routine pregnancy counseling and education, and try to answer any questions that you might have.


After this ‘New to the Nurse Visit’, you will have your Initial Prenatal Labs drawn (see Routine Labs and Testing), and will then meet with one of our Nurse-Midwives or MDs to have your first provider visit.  We will perform a full physical exam, with pap smear, if needed.  We may perform another ultrasound, if appropriate.  The provider will then answer and questions or concerns that you might have.


Follow-up OB Visits

  • Will be scheduled with any of our ten providers

  • Will include: assessment of blood pressure, weight, urinalysis, baby’s growth and fetal heart sounds

  • The routine schedule for these appointments is:

        – Up to 28 weeks – appointments every 4 weeks

        – 28-36 weeks – appointments every 2 weeks

        – 36 weeks until delivery – appointments every week

  • Routine testing will be performed throughout the pregnancy, as described in the Routine Labs and Testing section.

  • If at any point you feel like you need to be seen between appointments please do not hesitate to contact us to speak with our staff so we can address your needs and concerns.